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The EASIANET Proposal - Structure, Mandates, Responsibilities




The Formulation Workshop proposed that:

the LOOP should be known as EASIANET, THE EAST ASIAN LOOP of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL: a subregional Technical Cooperation Network (TCN) for taxonomic capacity building.

The short name for the LOOP will be "EASIANET".


To establish and sustain within the East Asia subregion realistic self-reliance in required taxonomic infrastructure, human resources and services to meet national sustainable development needs.


1) To enable the achievement of national and subregional objectives in the development of sustainable management of all biological resources and ecological systems.

2) To strengthen existing centres of expertise and establish new capabilities and resources so as to provide the region with the appropriate infrastructure and cadre of taxonomists needed to ensure self-sufficiency and self-reliance in taxonomy.

3) To conduct training, rehabilitate collections and records, develop user?friendly aids for identification, and transfer information and technology under donor supported institutional strengthening and capacity-building programmes.

4) To assist East Asian countries to meet their commitments to the Convention on Biological Diversity, IPPC, other relevant conventions protocols and initiatives and Agenda 21.

5) To provide individual member governments, international organisations, NGOs, IGOs and donors, with a taxonomic structure and focal points within the sub-region and each country in order to facilitate economies of scale, and provision of the best possible advice on taxonomic matters, and the best possible taxonomic services in support of their programmes.


Membership is non-exclusive and initially shall comprise all member countries of East Asia, represented by their designated National Coordinating Institutes (NACI's).

Other institutes and organisations are welcomed as Associate Members, by application and/or invitation as deemed desirable by the LOOP members.

See the picture of MEMBERSHIP.


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Nov 2003