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The EASIANET Proposal - Structure, Mandates, Responsibilities



Management of LOOPs is founded on four functional levels:
(i) National Institutes (Nis) the relevant bodies within individual countries who work together as a national network to implement LOOP work programmes.
(ii) National Coordinating Institutes (NACIs) the single institutes in member countries designated to coordinate the activities of the National Institutes (NIs).
(iii) The LOOP Coordinating Committee (LCC) the governing body of the LOOP comprised of the NACIs together with any other invited bodies.
(iv) The Network Coordinating Institute (NECI) the executive of the LCC, elected to coordinate and manage the affairs and work of the LOOP.

The LOOP will be managed by a LOOP Coordinating Committee (LCC), comprised of the member country National Coordinators from the NACIs (and Associate Members where such exist).

The affairs and activities of the LOOP will be coordinated in accordance with the plans and directions of the LCC by the Network Coordinator of the Network Coordinating Institute (NECI). The NECI will also serve as the direct link between the National Coordinating Institutes of the member countries, between the LOOP and the central Technical Secretariat (TecSec), between the LOOP and NECIs of other BioNET-INTERNATIONAL LOOPs, as well as with the consortium of developed country technical support institutes of BIOCON.

Designated Working Groups may conduct identified work programmes with leadership provided by elected institutions, which will serve as the focal point for these programmes, in accordance with the directions and wishes of the LCC and with the assistance of the NECI as Coordinator.


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