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The EASIANET Proposal - Work Programmes

Sustainability of the network and the NECI is dependent on the commitment of member country governments to underpin the operational costs of the network over the long term, in accordance with COP Decision IV/1D which calls on parties to support national and regional capacity building activities.

The EASIANET Formulation Workshop unanimously recommended that the Institute of Zoology, CAS should serve as the Network Coordinating Institute (NECI) of EASIANET for the first phase (3 years).


1) Ensure a system is in place for the sustainable operation of the NECI through a combination of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL seed funding, NECI support and funding agency contributions;

2) Support EASIANET linkages with NACIs, NIs, other LOOPs and the Technical Secretariat of BioNET-INTERNATIONAL;

3) Increase awareness, commitment and use of national and subregional taxonomy services;

4) Promote national and subregional policies on taxonomy and biodiversity studies;

5) Assess the impact of EASIANET activities.


1) Develop a plan for sustainable provision of NECI operational costs and activities.

2) Establish the NECI office.

3) Appoint a LOOP Coordinator.

4) Recruit a NECI Secretary if required.

5) Equip the NECI Office if required.

6) Train Coordinator/Secretariat in project management and proposal development if required at the NECI and at each NACI.

7) Institute budgets, financial control mechanisms and measurables such as:

  • A list of collaborating partners with their major activities developed in year 1, updated annually and disseminated to members and partners;
  • An EASIANET newsletter created in year 1 and released quarterly to members and collaborating partners (such information products are dependent on adequate participation in information provision by NACI's, NI's and others);
  • 1 technical exchange visit completed by 1 or more participants per country;
  • LOOP publicity material available at events organised by collaborating partners;
  • Taxonomic services publicised nationally through print, television and radio media;
  • An award system for innovative taxonomic work established by end year 2 to motivate national taxonomists;
  • 1 taxonomic/biodiversity sensitisation workshop completed for policy makers in year 1 and year 3 per country;
  • 1 public sensitisation workshop on bio-safety, bio-prospecting and Intellectual Property Rights completed in year 1 and year 3 per country;
  • 1 technical seminar on bio-safety, bio-prospecting and Intellectual Property Rights completed for policy makers in each countries by end year 2;
  • NACIs liase with CBD Focal Points to assist with drafting subregional policies on taxonomy and biodiversity and provide information for Country Reports;
  • Submit to funding agencies a request for funding of the NECI budget for the first 3 years from EASIANET's inception;
  • 70% or more of the NI and collaborating institutes receive and use taxonomic keys, tools and other materials developed and/or adapted by EASIANET;
  • All participating countries are motivated to integrate NACI operations into their national institutional budgets by end year 1;
  • CBD Focal points use the services of EASIANET in the member countries.

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